Hey, my names are Gabriel and Skarrow. You have reached my witchcraft and otherkin blog. Most likely you'll find images here that remind me of my kintype or have to do with witchcraft, among other things. I have zero tolerance for: Misogyny, Transmisogyny, Appropriation, Anti-SJ, Kin Hate, Fictive Hate, Multiple Hate. Pronouns are as follows: They/Them/Their . It/It/Its . He/Him/His.
Your Friendly Garden Fiend
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Back garden (Taken with Instagram)

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lmao i keep forgetting nonhumans use the monsterkin tag for monstery things instead of just talking to me

roars loudly and laughs toothily. i Am all of you monsterkins. i am the queen

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Kin feels ;o;

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“A Mermaid for All Seasons” by Casey Robin

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the green dragon inn

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Ink and digital.  A couple hours. 

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